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Rainfall Reports from in and around Savannah
From the WTOC TV WeatherTackers

November 1997

(Compiled by Patrick Prokop, Meteorologist of WTOC TV)
Monthly Totals
Chatham County:
5.15" WTOC-TV, Central Chatham County
5.50" Garden City, Joe Coffey
4.65" Georgetown, John Hoffman
3.44" Isle of Hope, Lucille Christiansen
-.--" Oatland Island, Fred Whitten
5.60" Portwentworth, Mop Top
3.88" Savannah, Coffee Bluff, Patrick Prokop
-.--" Savannah, Wilshire area, Pattie Olsen
3.92" Savannah, Wilshire area, Robert Cabaniss
3.75" Savannah, Waters/Montgomery Crossroad, Jimmy Silva
2.79" Savannah, Near BC, Jennett Moreski
3.15" Skidaway Island, Jim Naylor
-.--" Skidaway Island, Bob Wright
5.00" Thunderbolt, Phyllis Hardeman
3.78" Tybee Island, Dick Grosse
3.60" Wilmington Island, John Beaujean
3.38" Wilmington Island, Richard Hasbrouck
3.82" Wilmington Island, Cecilia Morett

Appling County:
5.96" Baxley, Nancy Sellars
-.--" Baxley, Kevin Carter
-.--" Long Branch (Southern Appling Co), Jason Deal

Beaufort County:
4.00" Todd Maschino, Burton
5.40" Rose Hill, Don and Mary Ann Crone

Bulloch County:
4.13" Hopeulikeit, Larry Kiker

Bryan County:
-.--" Fancy Farm, Larry Thomas
4.00" Richmond Hill, Sam Davis

Candler County:
8.00" Metter, Guido Gardens

Effingham County:
4.04" Clyo, Pete Mossi
2.90" Springfield, Rev. Roy Stackpole

Glynn County:
-.--" Brunswick, John Goff

Liberty County:
5.52" Hinesville, Skip Martin
3.79" Midway, Joey Hartwell

McIntosh County:
-.--" Meridian, Bennie Williams

Pierce County:
-.--" Blackshear, Gene Nevil

Tattnall County:
5.68" Reidsville, James Purvis
6.25" Glennville, Ricky Crummy

Wayne County:
2.15" Odum, Ben Wilson
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