WTOC TV Savannah

Rainfall Reports from in and around Savannah
From the WTOC TV WeatherTackers

December 1997

(Compiled by Patrick Prokop, Meteorologist of WTOC TV)
Monthly Totals
Chatham County:
4.81" WTOC-TV, Central Chatham County
4.30" Garden City, Joe Coffey
5.10" Georgetown, John Hoffman
----" Isle of Hope, Lucille Christiansen
5.09" Oatland Island, Fred Whitten
5.10" Portwentworth, Mop Top
4.85" Savannah, Coffee Bluff, Patrick Prokop
4.36" Savannah, Wilshire area, Pattie Olsen
4.69" Savannah, Wilshire area, Robert Cabaniss
5.05" Savannah, Waters/Montgomery Crossroad, Jimmy Silva
2.61" Savannah, Near BC, Jennett Moreski
4.80" Skidaway Island, Jim Naylor
-.--" Skidaway Island, Bob Wright
----" Thunderbolt, Phyllis Hardeman
4.25" Tybee Island, Dick Grosse
4.28" Wilmington Island, John Beaujean
5.32" Wilmington Island, Richard Hasbrouck
4.60" Wilmington Island, Cecilia Morett

Appling County:
7.96" Baxley, Nancy Sellars
7.71" Baxley, Kevin Carter
8.42" Long Branch (Southern Appling Co), Jason Deal

Beaufort County:
4.25" Todd Maschino, Burton
3.68" Rose Hill, Don and Mary Ann Crone

Bulloch County:
----" Hopeulikeit, Larry Kiker

Bryan County:
-.--" Fancy Farm, Larry Thomas
4.70" Richmond Hill, Sam Davis

Candler County:
5.80" Metter, Guido Gardens

Effingham County:
5.75" Clyo, Pete Mossi
----" Springfield, Rev. Roy Stackpole

Glynn County:
6.95" Brunswick, John Goff
8.42" Hinesville, Skip Martin
5.09" Midway, Joey Hartwell

McIntosh County:
-.--" Meridian, Bennie Williams

Pierce County:
-.--" Blackshear, Gene Nevil

Tattnall County:
7.33" Reidsville, James Purvis
5.50" Glennville, Ricky Crummy

Wayne County:
7.53" Odum, Ben Wilson
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