Rainfall Reports from in and around Savannah

(Compiled by Patrick Prokop, Meteorologist of WTOC TV)

Thrusday, June 13, 1996
1.40": WTOC TV ... Center of Chatham County:
4.10": Skidaway Island Jim Naylor
3.80": Skidaway Island Father Paul Hoonstra
5.00": Skidaway Island Pat Ferriu
3.75": Skidaway Island Sue Jones
2.50": Skidaway Island The Sackleys
4.71": Savannah Southside at Coffee Bluff, Patrick Prokop:
5.00": Savannah Southside at Coffee Bluff: (Far South side of Savannah) Marble to golf ball size hail
2.83": Thunderbolt Phylis Hardeman: (as of 6 PM) marble size hail
Savannah East side around Victory Drive: Several reports of marble size hail between 4:00 and 4:30 PM
Savannah East side at Gwinnett and Harmon: Golf ball size hail, Flag pole bending in the wind at 4:30ish

Savannah East side at 38th street: pencil to almost golf ball size hail

2.80": Savannah east side Gwinnett at Goble (near Shuman Middle School): Robert Turner: of rain, quarter size hail between 4:00 and 5:00 PM

2.75": Savannah east side around the Boneventure area, Jack Carter: Lots of Hail"

Savannah midtown Abercorn at 62nd: marble size hail and street flooding

Savannah mid east side Skidaway at DeRenne: Marble size hail

4.40": Savannah east side: Doug/AngieWeathers: quarter size hail

2.00": Savannah east side Gordonson area: of rain, pea to marble size hail (Mrs. Oliver)

Savannah mid town, Memorial Medical area: marble size hail

Savannah midtown at Columbus, 95 year old woman reports worst storm of that kind that she can remember... hail the size of marbles and some as large as her fist! "It just kept on coming and dropped the temperature a good 20 degrees."

I-95 at GA 204: Marble size hail

3.90": Savannah area southwest: Georgetown: John Hoffman:

2.18": Outland Island Chatham county, Fred Whitten: with quarter size hail

1.75": Savannah SW Side at Chevis Road off U.S. 17, Erestine Thomason:, some small hail

1.50": Savannah Southside, Wilshire area, Robert Cabaness:
4.50": Savannah midtown at 54th street, Charles Sullivan:
0.86": Savannah midtown near Benedictine School, Jeannette Mereski:
0.40": Savannah midtown near Savannah Mall:
1.60": Garden City, Joe Coffey:"
1.75": Wilmington Island, John Beaujean
1.44": Isle of Hope, Lucile Christiasen:
3.37": South Carolina: Bluffton, Rose Hill, Don Crone:, pea size hail
3.10": South Carollina: Daufuskie Island, Robert Burn:
1.10": Effingham county, Guyton, Margie Haveline:, some pea size hail
: Effingham county, Guyton, Jody Chapin: mothball size hail

1.60": Bryan County, Richmond Hill, Sam Davis:

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June 14, 1996

Rain Reports from Friday afternoon in the Savannah Area

Chatham County:

1.36": Savannah, WTOC TV
0.88": Savannah, Coffee Bluff, Patrick Prokop
2.30": Port Wentworth, "Mop Top"
1.90": Garden City, Joe Coffey
1.00": Savannah State College area, Joseph Conyers
0.76": Savannah east side north of Benedictine School, Jeannette Mereski
0.90": Savannah midtown near Oglethorpe Mall, Steve
0.32": Wilmington Island, John Beaujean

Effingham County:
1.30": Springfield, Leroy Stackpole (Between 2:20 and 4:00 PM)

Liberty County:
3.50": Midway, Joey Hartwell
1.30": Hinesville, Skip Martin

Tattnall County:
0.75": Glennville, Ricky Crummy

Appling County:
3.83": Long Branch (Southern county), Jason Deal

Wayne County: 1.28": Madray Springs (NNW of Jesup), Ben Wilson

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Friday, June 21
2.64" WTOC TV
2.60" Coffee Bluff
2.20" Vernon View Plantation, John Cooley
2.20" Windsor Forest, Bob Hill (No power for 1hr 15mn)
3.00" Windsor Forest
2.15" Rio Road near Savannah Mall, Charlie Ellis
1.83" Wilshire area, Robert Cabbanis
1.40" Ogelthorpe Mall area, Steve
1.70" Savannah east side north of Benedictine School, Jeannette Mereski
1.50" Georgetown, John Hoffman
1.10" Garden City, Joe Coffey
0.64" Thunderbolt, Phylis Hardeman
0.40" Port Wentworth, "Mop Top"
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Monday, June 24
1.00" Clyo (Several live oak trees uprooted between Clyo and Springfield)

Rainfall Reports for Wednesday, June 26, 1996

Chatham County
0.15" Tybee Island: Dick Grosse

Liberty County
1.70" Hinesville: Skip Martin

Toombs County
1.30" Vidalia: Donna Conner

Wayne County
2.00" Madray Springs (Jesup): Ben Wilson
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