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Observed Weather For SAVANNAH, GA

December 1993

Date   High  Low    NWS      WTOC    Coffee

1/01    61   40     0.94     1.21    1.14

      Rain Totals:  NWS      WTOC    Coffee 

                    4.57     5.66    6.73   

Average High: 57.7 ... Highest: 73 on the 7th, 25th, 26th        

Average Low:  38.7 ... Lowest:  21 on the  19th

Temperature measured at the National Weather Service office at the Savannah International Airport. Rainfall measured at:
NWS: International Airport
WTOC: I-16 & Chatham Parkway
Coffee: Coffee Bluff Plantation at the end of White Bluff road
Trnsmtr: WTOC Transmitter on Highway 204 5 miles west of I-95

Patrick Prokop, wtocpat@aol.com

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