You never have to be in the dark.

We aren’t always broadcasting over-the-air, but we’re always gathering the news. Now you have a window into that process with The News Now, a standing invitation to our viewers to join us in the WTOC 24-hour newsroom. The News Now are live streamed newscasts that keep you connected to Savannah's best news product regardless of what's over-the-air. On-the-go or from the comfort of your couch, you can watch video live and on-demand on your smartphone, computer or smart TV. You can talk directly with your local anchors - who share the Savannah area as their home just like you - about the day's top headlines.

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What is it?

How to get it?

Why does it matter?

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Time Monday-Friday
10 a.m. News
11 a.m Weather
2 p.m. News
3 p.m. News
8 p.m. News
9 p.m. Weather
10 p.m. News


Time Saturday-Sunday
9 a.m. News
5 p.m. News
8 p.m. Weather